In this superfast-paced, always-changing world, we are smashed on stimulation and our attention and resilience are put under a great deal of pressure. It is becoming harder to stay focused and to truly enjoy the here and now.

This is the reason why we have installed a new knitting experience through comprehensive, fun, calming and engaging workshops, designed for forward-thinking professionals and organizations that sincerely care about well-being in a more holistic way.


Everyone can learn to knit. At first, it can be uneasy but it's worth in the end. Every member of the workshop will feel encouraged to learn and practice new skills. No special abilities nor talents are required.


Knitting is a way to chill out but also tune inward. It’s a unique experience of centering your awareness of the present moment, observing your thoughts, emotions and physical sensation by focussing on the needlework. No smartphone, no laptops, no screens nor constant distractions. Enjoy the repetitive motion of your hands and the opportunity of slowing down and reconnecting.


The most important thing is that you enjoy yourself and that you truly connect with others. Knitting goes well with laughter, some chocolate, tea or a glass of sparkling wine, all substances that increase the overall sense of wellbeing.


Commitment to a few hours knitting with colleagues takes courage, but it can open up your world. Participants to our

workshops leave with the pride of accomplishment and a smile on their face. Some will find the right vibe involving a long knitting journey, a newfound passion!



Creative Program

Conceived for professional photographers that are willing to create their own prop line through mindful knitting.

Given the high expectations of their customers and the continuous evolution of new props all over the market, photographers are subjected to differentiate themselves through continuous change. We closely follow the latest trends in newborn and baby knitting fashion. Our step-by-step approach will help you to develop a strong foundation for your future prop line through mindful knitting.

Group session | duration: TBC

Private session | duration: 1 day


All-levels Experience

The most important thing is to try while enjoying the present moment and connecting with others. Get empowered during a relaxing escape from the over-connected lives you lead.

After a set of stretches, breathing exercises, a mindfulness practice and relaxation techniques to elevate your focus, we will explore the basics of knitting. You will be invited to develop a project at your own pace, inspired by our Rad.Knits teachers. 

Group session | duration: 02:00h.

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Resilience Program

Conceived for organizations that are willing to integrate mindful knitting in their resilience and wellbeing platform.

Given the increased over-all acceptance of the importance of mental and physical health, it’s no surprise that resilience has risen to the top of the agenda of most companies. Together, we will develop a course that aligns with the core values of your business. Our step-by-step program will focus on providing a strong foundation on which each employee can develop his/her skills. Participants will enjoy calming breaks while completing awesome knitting projects.

Group session | duration: 01:00h or 00:45h/week

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