Hello world!

Hello to all of you reading my first Rad.Knits blog post. I hope I will be able to bring some joy and warmth in these difficult corona-times.

How it all started

My name is Hilde. I have been happily married now for 28 years (oh boy, feels old...) with the love of my life Alain (forever). We live in a small town called Tollembeek (for some the middel of nowhere) surrounded by nature and lots of friends. Unfortunately we did not have the chance to raise some little princes and princesses.

In 2008 my husband and I started as wedding photographers and all-round photography. Through the years I realized my long-life was photographing newborns, baby's and toddlers. So after several workshops I started my child and newborn business 'Radena'. I love this business and those little angels cheering up my studio.

Photographing children is, besides great and energizing, often quite intense and stressful. It does not stop with photographing, post-processing nor billing... As photographer you also need to grow, to expand, to change, to diversify... and this is where Rad.Knits comes in the picture.

The blending of mindfulness and knitting

Somewhere in august 2019, while seeking relief from the stress of working both for a big company and running my photography business, I discovered the benefits of 'medknitation'. Actually, it was my mom who taught me knitting at the early age of 5. After that I have never quitted knitting, only it has never occurred to me it could be such a wonderful experience blending mindfulness and knitting.

Having become a relentless advocate for mindful knitting I would love to use this blog to share my passion with any of you looking to refocus, relax and reconnect. Together with both my sisters Kathleen and Sofie (both active in alternative medicine and meditation), we developed a range of 'medknitation' workshops designed for those who need to escape from the stress of over-stimulated environments in which we live.

Styled sessions with Rad.Knits props

So I started knitting and meditating at the end of every hard working day! I soon developed my own prop line with gorgeous knitted hats and rompers, wraps, and toys... gracing several styled newborn and baby studio sessions.

Specialized in designing and crafting hand-knitted props and reseller of the gorgeous yarns of 'Knitting for Olive' I decided to start a online shop to help you diversify your props through : hopping by in my shop for props, yarns and patterns | subscribing to my workshop on mindful knitting | following my blog that soon will overload you with tips on how to knit, useful tricks for beginners as well as advanced knitters.

So welcome world, sit back, relax and enjoy!

Take care of yourself and the ones you love!



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